14 best Valentine’s Day gifts for men 2023

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to treat your significant other and show them how much you love them with a gift. With many gifts available to order to your door, it’s never been easier to get prepared and save the time off shopping.

Although men can be tricky to buy for, there are plenty of options for different types of gifts, whether it’s an experience like a meal out or a day driving supercars, or a personalised item that he’ll want to keep forever, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve put together a guide of the top 14 gifts for your husband, boyfriend or the guy you’re dating, plus all of the gifts are under £50, which many below £30 to keep within an affordable budget.

The results of a Yougov survey carried out last year found that men are most likely to want to receive a card, chocolate or a nice dinner out, with some also saying alcohol and jewellery are gifts they would be happy to be given.

Showing a partner you’ve thought of something personally to give them is going to mean a lot when they open it on Valentine’s Day. Personalised gifts are a good way to give a keepsake that will be kept for a long time, while an experience like a meal out is a good way to spend time together.

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