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‘I got my Taylor Swift tour outfit at charity shop for £20’

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 06 Jul 2024 01:38 AM / No Comments / 19 views

A TikToker has revealed how she purchased four outfits for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour for less than £20. The well-known fasion blogger, Becky Chorlton – who owns ‘Becky’s Bazaar’ – made a social media video demonstrating her pursuit of the ideal outfit.

Becky (@beckysbazaar) is renowned for her skill in finding and reselling vintage Formula 1, NASCAR, and Harley Davidson treasures. She devotes some of her free time to tracking down bargains, be it at charity shops, car boot sales, or purchasing unclaimed goods boxes.

For this quest, she headed to a giant charity shop with the aim of finding attire for Taylor Swift‘s much-anticipated Eras Tour, which returns to Wembley Stadium in August. She chose to visit the extensive Regenerage Charity outlet located in Bolton.

Captioning her video, Becky wrote: “@Regenerage Charity did not disappoint! Which outfit should I choose?? ad Regenerage Charity, 63 The Linkway, Middlebrook Retail Park, Bolton, BL6 6JA.”

The video, quickly garnering over 12k views in less than a day, shows Becky navigating the large store and unearthing a number of ‘Taylor Swift’ inspired outfits. Speaking over the footage, she requested: “Help me pick an outfit for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour for less than £20 in this charity shop superstore.”

First up, Becky chose a striking red ruched bodycon dress – a nod to Taylor Swift’s iconic colour. She excitedly shared: “As soon as I walked into this shop I knew I was gonna find loads of options. I picked up that red dress as option number one, and this champagne coloured dress was option two.”

Next, she revealed a chic cream-coloured mini dress with long sleeves, perfect for channeling the vibe of Swift’s ‘Champagne Problems’. The third pick was yet another red number but with a distinct style, followed by an ensemble featuring white wide-leg jeans paired with a trendy corset top.

Becky enthused: “I did also find a couple of bags which I’m absolutely obsessed with. Now, it’s time for the moment of truth and to try all these outfits on.”

In the fitting room, she showcased each outfit, planning to match them with her own cowboy boots, and then turned to her followers to vote for their top choice.

The post quickly racked up close to 100 comments, with fans urging Becky to bag all the finds, while some singled out their personal favourites.

One fan exclaimed: “They ALL look amazing on you!!”, another advised: “Number 2, this shop looks amazing I’m definitely going to visit.”

Another chimed in: “3 is very debut [Taylor Swift’s first album]”, while someone else encouraged: “Buy all.”

A different admirer commented: “Still need to visit this charity shop! ! Looks amazing (I like number 4).” And yet another added: “4 reminds me of Midnights [another Taylor Swift album].”

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