Bra fitter for plus-size women shares hack to fit your ‘perfect’ bra size every time

Finding the right bra size can be tricky for many women, especially as measurements can often fluctuate over time. However, a plus-size womenswear expert has talked through a simple guide to getting a “correct read” when measuring your bust every time.

The bra fitter works for North Carolina-based plus-size retailer Juicy Body Goddess. She fits curvy customers for their “perfect bra” on a daily basis, and has three key steps she follows to ensure women get a well-fitting and comfortable bra.

Bra sizes are based on your band size, which is the number, and your cup size, which is the letter. These measurements are usually determined by using a soft, fabric tape measure which measures around your bust and just beneath.

Finding the right bra size is essential for comfort and adequate support. In a video posted to the @juicybodygoddess TikTok page, the bra fitter explained: “To size plus-size breasts is a little bit different.”

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To begin, she passes a fabric tape measure around the area just below the customer’s bust.

The bra fitter explained: “You want to have your tape measure flush against the skin and then we want to lift up the breasts because we get a good read on the band size.

“If you get the underside of the boob you are not going to get a correct read.” When you have your band size, take note of it and move on to the bust area.

“Once you have your band size you want to go up over the bust to the biggest part and then you ate going to get a size,” she explained. “This is the most important part, this is how you fund your cup size. Each inch is a cup. A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, F.”

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Sizing is slightly different in the US compared with the UK, with the cup size DDD most commonly being used in the US. This converts to an E or F cup in UK sizes – one size up from DD.

The video has been “liked” by TikTok users more than 84,000 times, with commenters saying the tips had helped them to find their correct bra size. Lex said: “This is how I figured out I am a 44H.” Another commenter named Tabitha wrote: “Loveeee this whole video! So informative and caring.” [SIC]

A user posting under the name @withlovepixie added: “I had to save this to do this later, I can’t express the joy in even finding something like this!”

How to correctly measure your bra size at home – a step-by-step guide

If you prefer not to get professionally fitted for a bra, you can measure your bra size at home. You can do so while wearing a bra or sports bra.

In order to measure your bra size correctly, you will need a soft fabric tape measure.

Step one: Measure underneath your bust

To begin, take the tape measure and wrap it around the ribcage directly beneath your bust. Make sure the tape is in a straight line and is snug but not too tight. Round up to the nearest even number and this is your band size.

Step two: Measure your bust

Next, measure direct across your bust, once again ensuring the tape is snug but not too tight and that it is in a straight band all the way around. This is best done directly across the centre of your bust. It can be helpful at this point to take a deep breath in and out to ensure the tape isn’t too tight.

Round the number to the nearest whole number, for example, if the measurement falls on the half inch, round it up. To determine your cup size, first, subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement and refer to the cup size chart below.

Cup size conversation chart

  • Less than one inch = AA
  • One inch = A
  • Two inches = B
  • Three inches = C
  • Four inches = D
  • Five inches = DD/E
  • Six inches = DDD/F
  • Seven inches = G
  • Eight inches = H
  • Nine inches = I

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