Eyeshadow mistake you’re probably making that ‘weighs the lid down’

Lifestyle and beauty influencer Dominique Sachse took to the internet to show her million plus followers how they can look younger instantly with the right makeup techniques.

Treatments or ‘tweakments’ are one way to go, but what if you can take years off your face with a simple makeup hack?

According to Dominique, learning to apply eye shadow correctly can make the world of difference in giving you an instant facelift.

As we age, the eyelids start to get a little heavier and sometimes droopy.

This is caused by the loss of collagen in the skin which makes the skin looser.

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And Dominique suggested that the way mature women typically apply eyeliner might be hindering them.

It is common to use lighter colours on the lid, however according to Dominique this can “really weigh the lid down”.

Instead, she recommended using a warmer shade which should give the illusion of a more lifted lid.

Make sure to select an eyeshadow colour that complements your outfit, for example plum with purple.


The finishing touch Dominique recommended for “facelift” eye makeup results was a highlight colour.

This should be swept under the brow bone, “hugging really, really tight” to it.

Adding too much white or light colour to the underside of the bottom of the eyebrow is a mistake, according to the influencer.

This is because it will emphasise the orbital bone and the droopiness in the eyes that occur with age.

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