How to look younger: 62-year-old who ‘looks 40’ shares her anti-aging ‘secrets’

Hannah Newman is a gut health expert and board licensed practitioner with 60K followers on her TikTok account @healthiwithhannah. Usually, she shares her advice on nutrition, but she also shared a different type of post.

Hannah created a video with her mother-in-law who looks incredible at the age of 62. The health expert from Florida titled the video: “Secrets to look 20 years younger in 60 seconds – no filter required.”

Hannah said: “Okay, so I’m here with my mother-in-law. She looks incredible for her age and I’m going to go through all her secrets for you guys.”

Hannah asked her mother-in-law a number of key questions as to how to look younger. She asked the sexagenarian: “What are the best products for your skin?”

Hannah’s mother-in-law suggested: “Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and sunscreen.” Hyaluronic acid is a powerful ingredient that helps infuse moisture into the skin.

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Vitamin C is well-known for smoothing the appearance of the skin and reducing dark spots, while sunscreen is essential to limit sun damage.

Next, Hannah asked: “And what is the worst thing you can do for your skin?” Her mother-in-law said: “Smoking and not wearing sunscreen.”

When it comes to her lifestyle, Hannah’s mother-in-law eats “beets, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts” to support her healthy aging. She lifts weights four times a week and likes to stay active. ” I just move, move, move,” she said.

Hannah asked: “What about stress?” Her mother-in-law replied: “Before I even get out of bed, I lay there peacefully, quietly and I meditate. And then I get up and get my day going.”

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She has had “a little bit of Botox” but said she prefers more “natural” treatments, such as micro-needling. Microneedling involves puncturing the skin of the face with tiny needles to encourage it to regenerate and look more youthful as a result.

Hannah’s followers were more than impressed with her mother-in-law’s youthful looks. One wrote: “She looks 40, amazing.”

Another Nunya wrote: “She looks so healthy and happy, goals!” Another TikTok user Paige said: “My aunt is like that. But so much is genetic. She’s a surfer still at 65. Looks incredible.”

TikTok user Shelly wrote: “Looks incredible ‘for her age’ that is insulting. She looks incredible period!!!” Another added: “She looks amazing! Don’t ever say she looks amazing for 62, she looks amazing! Period!”

What are the best supplements for anti-aging


Collagen is a protein that maintains the skin, as well as other key parts of the body. Collagen supplements have been shown to help improve the look of wrinkles. A study of 72 women found taking 2.5g of collagen a day makes skin more hydrated, less rough, and more elastic.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supplements help to increase collagen production as well as helping to safeguard against some of the negative effects of sun exposure. As well as this, it helps to protect against oxidative damage, which also increases the appearance of aging.


This compound is found in turmeric. It also helps to protect against antioxidants, which damage the skin and increase signs of aging.

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