Is Adrian Peterson retired? Find out what records the NFL running back holds

Adrian Peterson is considered one of the greatest athletes to play as a running back in the history of the National Football League. Since joining the NFL more than a decade ago, Peterson has gone on to achieve multiple accolades, including NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2007 and the league’s MVP Award in 2012.

Throughout his career, Peterson has played for seven different professional football franchises: Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, then-Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans, and Seattle Seahawks. 

Before joining the NFL, Peterson cultivated a distinguished college football career with the University of Oklahoma, where during his freshman year he earned nearly 2,000 rushing yards in 2004. Peterson’s record with Oklahoma ended as the third-best leading rusher in their program’s history. Moreover, he nearly won the Heisman Trophy, becoming the first freshman to finish as a runner-up for the accolade.

Despite multiple injuries and career setbacks due to legal troubles, the 37-year-old is still regarded for his ability to run the ball and perform on the field.

Is he retired?

The last franchise to sign Peterson in the league was the Seattle Seahawks during the 2021 regular season. However, Peterson only started playing for the team during the Week 13 game against the San Francisco 49ers. During the game, Peterson set a record during that game by scoring a rushing touchdown with a sixth team. However, throughout the rest of the regular season, Peterson remained inactive on the Seahawks roster until he officially became a free agent earlier this year on Jan. 17.


Peterson is still seeking to play another 15th season in the NFL in order to become the fifth all-time running back to surpass 15,000 career rushing yards. Currently, the running back only needs 82 more yards, as he has earned 14,918 over the course of his career. He has also mentioned in public statements to media outlets that he is actively seeking a spot with the Buffalo Bills or Los Angeles Rams. 

“There’s a couple teams out there,” Peterson said in a statement in September while discussing the possibility of rejoining the league, according to TMZ. “Buffalo Bills would be a good team. The Rams, I don’t know what need they’ll have at running back. San Fran[cisco] would be a good look.”

What NFL records does he hold?

During the early and middle parts of Peterson’s career, the running back set various records. Most famously, on Nov. 4, 2007, during a game between the Vikings and the then-San Diego Chargers, Peterson set a record for the most rushing yards in a single game with 296 yards. Moreover, he also holds the record for most rushing yards in any eight-game period and has the record for most touchdown runs over 60 yards in a career.


What are his career earnings?

At one point in his career, Peterson had a number of endorsement deals that helped add millions to his fortune, including from Adidas, Nike and Castrol. Peterson’s overall career earnings are estimated to be more than $100 million, and his biggest season payout occurred during the 2011 season on the Viking’s roster with $20 million.


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