Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s style changed after leaving UK in four key ways

3. Regal vs relaxed

Ms Heathcote suggested: “As part of the Royal Family, both Harry and Meghan were expected to play specific roles. This could be seen in their outfit choices, which were often formal and sometimes stiff.

“Harry would often be seen in a suit with a tie, and Meghan in structured midi dresses and skirts. Since embracing their financial freedom, both Meghan and Harry have started dressing in much more relaxed outfits.

“Harry is often seen with his top button undone, even in a suit, and chooses simple shirts, chinos and zip-up sweaters for his days off.

“You’ll now find Meghan in flowing wrap dresses, relaxed shorts or an oversized white suit. Gone are the days of matching dresses and coats, and three-piece suits.”

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