Melania Trump could ‘take a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s book’ to boost popularity

Hailing from a high fashion background, much of Melania Trump’s style was curated during her time walking catwalks around the world. However, with President Donald Trump announcing a White House bid for 2024, celebrity fashion coach Miranda Holder explained how the former First Lady could benefit from taking style tips from Kate Middleton.

Miranda is known for her viral TikTok style videos posted under the username @themirandaholder “Your Feel Good Fashion Coach”, where she boasts an audience of 86.6K followers.

“Melania seemed a little bit cold and certainly with her fashion, it made her a little bit cold and untouchable,” explained Miranda. “Because she was just dressed in the most expensive clothes and she was always immaculate. There was perhaps lacking a little bit of humanity in what she was doing.”

Though both Melania and Kate share a love of designer labels from around the world, the Princess of Wales is frequently seen wearing high-street labels which are within reach of the general public. It’s a style trait that Melania could benefit from in the future.

“She’s probably lacking that sort of softness that the American public is craving to make her a bit more relatable and accessible,” Miranda continued. “What Kate has got so well is that she is still relatable. Kate is the ‘commoner’ in the Royal Family and has done really well for herself, but we all know where she’s coming from.

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“That’s pretty clear, whereas Melania is throwing off anything from where she came from originally. She’s really transformed into a butterfly and is not going backwards.”

However, a more “relatable” aesthetic doesn’t mean pushing high fashion to one side, but rather mixing and matching it with high street pieces. “In terms of the campaign, I think it would massively benefit Melania if she were to dial it back a bit. Melania should still embrace who she is and wear fantastic clothing but take a leaf out of Kate’s book,” explained Miranda.

“Just mix and match it a little bit more to show a bit of humanity and humility through her clothes. In terms of a practical voting point of view, I’m sure they have been consulted and advised that Melania should be more accessible, but they want to do it their way.”

While the former First Lady has her own haute couture flair, she has been seen sporting some more accessible clothing items in the past. “She does wear a little high street, but you’ve got to look for it,” said Miranda. “She has got some Converse trainers, she’s got some Timberland boots, and she has been spotted in J Crew and J Brand.”

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In 2017, during a visit to Florida, Melania donned a pair of white Converse trainers which retail £55. A few months earlier, in 2017, Melania was said to have taken style notes from her predecessor Michelle Obama, opting to wear a pink and white shirt by the brand J crew, which retailed for $75 (approximately £60).

“The high street clothes are there but you have to look for them,” said Miranda. “It’s not her apparel of choice and that’s because she’s not apologising for who she is.”

According to Miranda, Melania is more interested in having “fun with fashion”, a passion which may be cemented in Melania’s roots in the world of fashion and modelling, a career she was thrust into aged 16.

“I don’t think she’s going to tone it down at all,” said Miranda. “There’s a thrill for all the fashionistas out there to see what she’s going to be wearing next. Which drop-dead gorgeous outfit and towering heels ensemble she’s going to show up in because she’s got the figure for it and she looks amazing. In terms of a practical voting point of view, I’m sure the Trumps have been consulted and advised that Melania should be more accessible, but they want to do it their way.”

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