Melania Trump news: IQ is part of a strange rumour circulating online

Rumours about Melania Trump’s IQ abound online, but the often-quoted figure of 200 seems to be baseless. Despite that, many claim the wife of billionaire and former-president Donald Trump is a genius.

The intensity of the quest to discover Melania’s IQ increased in 2018 after it was discovered the former-first lady was granted the so-called “Einstein visa” to enter the US. The EB-1 is supposed to be granted to those who are highly acclaimed in their field.

Melania’s visa left some wondering why she was granted it. When she applied for the visa the model, who had not achieved particular renown in the industry, was dating Donald Trump.

For the EB-1, an applicant should provide evidence of a major reward or meet three of 10 criteria. These criteria generally demonstrate a person who has made important achievements in whatever field they work in.

They are nationally recognised awards for excellence, membership in associations that demand achievement from members, published material about you in major media, having been asked to judge an award, having done original work which contributes significantly to your field, having had scholarly articles published, having had work displayed in an exhibition, having a leading or critical role in a distinguished organisation, evidence of a high salary and evidence of commercial success in the performing arts.

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Dubious websites do claim to state Melania’s IQ. One, claims her IQ is 200. Another, opts for a conservative number, 110.

The former guess seems to be based on a quote attributed to the former-model online: “No one knows this, but I am the smartest fashion model the fashion industry has ever known. I have an I.Q. of over 200 on the Terman scale.”

There is no evidence, however, that Melania actually ever made the above statement. But, this hasn’t stopped it from being reposted online, where some have come to believe it’s valid.

To put this into context. Someone with a 200 IQ would have a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and would be considered by the test to be “profoundly gifted.”

It’s not impossible that Melania has this IQ, but it is statistically unlikely that anyone would have. The Guinness World Record for IQ is 210, held by Kim Ung-Yong who is said to have studied differential calculus by age three.

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A result from the IQ test of 85 to 114 indicates average intelligence, 115 to 129 indicates above average or bright. From 130 to 144 is in the moderately gifted category, while between 145 to 159 suggests highly gifted and 160 to 179, exceptionally gifted.

While Melania has not discussed her own IQ publically, others have including her former professor Blaz Matija Vogelnik. He taught Melania at Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana, before she dropped out.

Vogelnik claimed Melania passed a “rigorous” test to get into the university, and suggests this means “her IQ was very high.”

Donald Trump himself has boasted about his own IQ, although it has never been confirmed. He tweeted in 2013: “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest.”

He was asked to provide his IQ by a Twitter user on one occasion, and Trump responded: “The highest, a******!*

IQ tests are supposed to provide an estimate of intelligence. However, they are controversial, with many experts disregarding the results of the tests.

Previous studies have claimed the tests are flawed, including a large study in 2012. Roger Highfield, director of external affairs at the Science Museum in London said: “The results disprove once and for all the idea that a single measure of intelligence, such as IQ, is enough to capture all of the differences in cognitive ability that we see between people.

IQ does correlate with success in school to some degree, but scientists found external factors such as interest in school, nutrition and parental attitudes have an equally strong correlation.

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