‘Petrified’ Roger Moore took booze and valium on James Bond set sabotaged by monks | Films | Entertainment

To calm his nerves during these scenes, Moore would take a little Valium and drank a tall glass of beer to help him through close-ups, when shooting climbing scenes high up on the rock face.

Heights weren’t the only challenge faced on the Greece shoot though, as the Eastern Orthodox monks living in the monastery at the top of the Meteora rock formation provided a terrible nuisance on the production.

The story goes that the holy men didn’t approve of the violence associated with the James Bond movies, but a trial at the Greek Supreme Court ruled that the religious order only owned the interiors, while the exteriors and surrounding landscape was that of the government’s.

Apparently, Moore had tried to cool things down by telling them that he had been a Saint, having played The Saint before Bond in the TV series of the same name.

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