Queen Camilla avoids trousers – unlike Kate Middleton who ‘tries to look fashionable’

Queen Camilla is renowned for her coat dresses, her wide-brimmed fluffy hats and her Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery collection. However, one style trend that she hasn’t appeared to embrace is trousers.

Queen Camilla previously shunned getting her ears pierced, telling Vogue that “nothing” was going to pierce her ears.

However, she seems to be equally particular about a popular item of clothing.

According to personal stylist and image coach Melissa Lund, the Queen Consort hardly ever steps out in trousers, much like the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The expert told Express.co.uk: “I don’t think the royals really follow trends, although the younger royals (and I’ll count the Princess of Wales in this group) try to look fashionable. They do, however, seem keen to build a signature style.”

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While Kate seems to favour slim-cut tailoring, and the late Queen loved matching bold hats and coats, Queen Camilla is definitely partial to a coat dress.

But one item that Camilla seems to fiercely stay away from is trousers. Melissa stated: “I have no idea whether this is because she thinks she doesn’t look good in them or she feels that they’re not appropriate.

“The late Queen was not a fan of women in trousers and although this wasn’t a rule as such, it was certainly her preference that the women in the Royal Family didn’t wear them.”

During her 70-year reign, the Queen was spotted wearing trousers fewer than 10 times, so it is possible that this has rubbed off on Camilla. However, “both Meghan and Kate ignored this advice”, Melissa stated.


“She has in fact already tried this look attending a Gurkha reception at Edinburgh Palace in November 2017.”

Bethan Holt, a fashion journalist appeared on Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie’s podcast “Royally Obsessed” to discuss whether or not the late Queen Elizabeth enjoyed wearing trousers.

Ms Holt said: “One that I thought was very interesting was when I was researching about the Queen wearing trousers.

“Obviously we hardly ever see her wearing trousers. The few times that she was photographed in trousers, I notice that there was so much attention in the newspapers about it.

“There would always be all these stories about the Queen seen wearing trousers. On one occasion, I think it was in the 90s, the tailor who made the trousers was interviewed.

“He said, ‘Well this is crazy that everyone is getting excited about the Queen wearing trousers because I have actually made many pairs of trousers for her and she wears them all the time!’ So I think maybe in her private life she does wear or she did wear a lot of trousers but obviously not in her more formal engagements.”

The hosts responded by saying: “It’s almost as if people think she’s dressing in these bright pastels behind closed doors when in reality she’s probably very normal!”

Ms Holt added: “I think she’s in trousers and a nice knitted jumper or something very functional!”

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