Users report Google Calendar bug creating random, fake events

Numerous users have reported experiencing an odd glitch in the Google Calendar mobile app over the past few days. The app appears to be creating random, nonexistent all-day events based on the content of users’ Gmail messages.

As 9to5Google (who reported the news earlier today) notes, various sorts of emails including delivery notifications, purchase receipts, and newsletters appear to be showing up as all-day calendar events. Some Verge staffers who use the Google calendar app are experiencing this glitch. “It’s like finding landmines in my calendar,” one writer (whose calendar is screenshotted below) complained.

Google has not yet responded to a request for comment.

A screenshot of the Google Calendar app in dark mode. The day of December 23rd has four all-day events titled Your Epic Games Receipt, one titled Your UPS Package Was Delivered, and one titled UPS: Get Ready For Your Package.

Make sure you’re not late for your Epic Games Receipt appointment.

If you ‘re experiencing this problem and you want it to stop, the simplest solution as of now is to pop into your Google Calendar settings and toggle “Show Events from Gmail” off. This is also a decent thing to do, in general, if you want to keep spam invitations off of your calendar.

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